The Village is under contract with Advanced Disposal for solid waste pickup services.  Follow the rules established by the village through the contract.  And make certain any guests or renters know the rules.

 Every residential customer has two 65 gallon garbage cans on whe​els provided by Advanced Disposal:

  • A blue cart will be used for recycling only. 
  • A green cart will be for household waste only.

Other cans are to be used for yard waste – either the large 96 gallon one on wheels that was provided years ago to property owners on Lower Matecumbe or your own containers.  These containers are not to be used for either household waste or recycling materials and will NOT BE PICKED UP except for yard waste.

 The schedule for garbage pick-up on Lower Matecumbe:

  • Household garbage (green cart) will be picked up Tuesday and Friday.
  • Yard waste – Tuesday 
  • · Recycling (blue cart) – Friday

Yard waste is limited to six cans/bundles per week.  You can not use the Advanced Disposal blue or green containers for yard waste. If you anticipate you will need more you can purchase tickets with a one time pick-up charge per container, to attach to additional cans.  Once the extra cans are picked up, the ticket will be removed. 

Branches and palm fronds can be tied in bundles no longer than 6 feet and will be picked up as one of the 6 allocated cans/bundles.  If you have yard waste from trimming shrubs/trees with thorns, like bougainvillea and Key lime, they can be left in a pile at the street and do not need to be bundled. 

Special collection services: appliances, furniture and large household items can be picked up at the street. Call to arrange a pick-up. It takes up to a week for this service.  For bulk pick-up you will be charged for things like construction materials and large volumes of yard waste.  Call and someone will make arrangements for a quote and pick-up.

In addition, if you are doing some redecorating or major clean-up, Advanced Disposal can provide roll-off containers you can fill at your own pace: 8 cubic yards, 10 cubic yards or larger.  Call for details and pricing.


Items that can be recyled include plastic (1-7), metal, phone books, mail, newspaper, cardboard,  glass jars, and clear, green, and brown glass bottles, but not blue.

Items that cannot be recycled: styrofoam, light bulbs

There is no need to separate the things you recycle… just put them all together in the blue cart.

Customers will be limited to the single green cart provided by Advanced Disposal for regular household garbage. You can however, get an additional green cart  from Advanced Disposal and will be billed for both purchasing the cart and the weekly use.

 If you need an additional blue cart for recycling, Advanced Disposal will provide one and pick up the recycling in the extra cart free of charge.

For questions, additional services, or problems call the Advanced Disposal Office at 305-853-3433. 

Remember the rules:

  • Only the Advanced Disposal blue cart can be used for recycling.
  • Only the Advanced Disposal green cart can be used for household trash.
  • Only six containers/bundles of yard waste per week.

Follow the rules established by Village Code, Sec. 46-40: At no time shall solid waste be placed curbside for pickup any earlier than the day preceding the scheduled pick-up.  All containers shall be removed from the street no later than 8:00 p.m. of the day of pick up.

Let’s make Islamorada neighborhoods a pleasing place to live and visit.  Don't leave your garbage cans out more than 24 hours!


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