Lower Matecumbe Key


​Hurricane Irma: Monstrous Cleanup Effort


​After Irma struck on September 10, 2017, the job of removing the debris she left behind has been monumental. 

Private property owners had significant damage, requiring removal of debris, repairs, and plenty of stress.

​The local municipal government worked non-stop getting our streets cleared and the parks and village properties in order.  With Islamorada working closely with the county, state, and federal government agencies, local and out of area utility companies, and our own citizens, our village "recovered" quite efficiently, compared to so many areas impacted by this and other recent disasters.

Islamorada and the rest of the Florida Keys experienced significant damage - not something that has a quick fix!  But every day there is progress.  Repairs are happening, debris is disappearing, vegetation is slowly recovering, and the tourist industry is returning as motels/hotels/restaurants reopen. The new Plantation Key School and the Islamorada Publix, both under construction when the storm hit, never missed a beat.  Within days after the storm, construction resumed.

From immediately after the storm, and continuing months later, neighbors are helping neighbors.  The community spirit is stronger and better than ever before.  For work the government is unable to do effectively.... the community pitches in to help....  See the photos of the February 9th 2018 clean-up effort on Lower Matecumbe organized by the Islamorada Foundation.  Over 100 people showed up to help, some for 3 or 4 hours or more. ...

Click here for photos from the LMKA February newsletter.  And this was just one effort - there have been other smaller clean up days organized or neighbors just taking it upon themselves to help clean up.  Every little bit has added up to one huge effort.

Next are the canals.  In February 2018, the county, Marathon and Islamorada all began working on agreements to get the debris out of canals.  To read excerpts of a story about this massive effort, Click here