Lower Matecumbe Key


Thanks go to Ann Haber for these photos taken after the storm on Sunset Dr. and the canal to the U. S. One side of Sunset. Six months after the storm, the debris is still in the canal though residents are doing what they can to remove as much as possible. Sand washed in makes boat navigation extremely difficult at some locations.  Canals will be addressed soon by the Village with funding made available by the state.

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Hurricane Irma Photos Page 5

These photographs were provided by Babs Kendziorski.  Read about Babs and her efforts to keep the Channel Two area of our island more beautiful as reported in the June 2017 LMKA newsletter, even before Hurricane Irma hit... click here.  

Some Tollgate Shores residents posed for a photo before their Nov 4, 2017 clean-up effort at the far end of Lower Matecumbe near Anne's Beach.

Sadly the Islamorada welcome sign south of the Channel Two bridge did not survive the storm.

Local residents including Babs, Keith and Marilyn Allen, Sandy Swantek worked diligently to clean the bike path in front of the old Anne's Beach pedestrian crosswalk. Had at least 6" rocks and debris. (Before and after photos)

Mm 75 Oceanside
Tidal surge pushed thru garage and pushed car out other end. Tree in garage. All a total loss.

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Pictures were taken on Anne’s Beach during the first Lower Matecumbe clean up... a coral tree that was part of the Hurricane Irma debris.  

Just what is a "coral tree" and how is it use? Go to Coral Restoration.