Matecumbe Sandy Cove condominium... the 12 unit three story complex at 74960 Overseas Hwy! Completely collapse with just the top floor still visible.

Huge pile of recovered sand, on right of way at MM74.5, cleaned and filtered for future restoration of Sea Oats Beach.  But first a plan for protecting highway must be developed.... likely to take several years. 

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A pile of broken asphalt pieces rests on the side of the highway from where it was eroded by Hurricane Irma near Sea Oats Beach (Lower Matecumbe Key).

While the damage to U. S. One at MM74.5 was primarily limited to one lane, repairs created huge congestion for vehicles traveling south of this location.  The highway at Sea Oats Beach has been an area of huge concern for decades as the beach has eroded away and the ocean in high tide is just feet from the highway.  

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Robbies following the storm... back in business, tarpon feeding, in less than a month


Lower Matecumbe Key


109 Columbus Dr. ... the historic home moved to Lower Matecumbe by Anne Eaton Home was originally built over 100 years ago in Tavernier. During the storm of 1935, it floated from its original location and was abandoned for decades until Anne bought it for $1 and moved it to its current location and named it "Last Resort."  (Click here to read more about Anne)  This home sustained significant damage from Irma - but it is being restored by current owners

Power company from Wisconsin restored power on Columbus Drive 8 days after the storm.

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Nov. 1, 2017, Across from Sea Oats Beach. This machine is a sand sifter used to remove debris out of sand. All the sand recovered needed to be sifted before it can be used on the turtle nesting beach.