Lower Matecumbe Key


Check the NOAA satellite view immediately after IRMA hit the Keys:



Drag the area you are interested in to the center of screen and continually click on the "+" at the upper left until you find your property.

​Hurricanne Irma: September 2017

The Weekly Newspaper reports on Jan 25, 2018 that VNA Hospice leaving the Keys at end of February 2018 as financial stress increased due to Irma (click here)

Click here to go to the photo gallery.  We are attempting to collect many of the photos that document just what Hurricane Irma did, particularly on Lower Matecumbe!

Hurricane Irma came to visit on September 10, 2017

....but now once again the Sun is Shining on Islamorada

On September 10—11  Hurricane Irma, a Category 4 storm, visited the Florida Keys and left behind serious destruction.  While it destroyed many homes, businesses, parks, roads, boats and trees, Irma could not destroy the spirit of the people that call the Florida Keys home.

Immediately after the storm winds died down, the residents who stayed, along with First Responders began assessing damage, checking on those who needed help, clearing roadways, and communicating as best they could, while those who evacuated waited for word that they could return and see for themselves just what they would be facing in the weeks and months ahead.

Power was out throughout much of the Keys, many were without water, cell phone towers were damaged, no cable TV, no land line phones. 

And this was when the best of the Keys began to shine—an invincible spirit we often forget. No storm could defeat the people of the Keys. We live in a land far too special to just give in.  Magically people came to the rescue of those needing help….total strangers became friends.  And wondrously, the area started to rebuild—  immediately, just hours after the storm passed...one small step at a time with such determination, sympathetic to the needs of friends and neighbors.

Months later progress continues, sometimes slowly… but always steady.  Frustrating at times, of course. ...but the Keys will recover and will be our paradise again very soon.  And we’ve learned to work together and help one another like never before!


The Weekly Newspaper reports on Islamorada hotel/motel rooms available and economic impact as of  Feb 12, 2018 (click here)