Lower Matecumbe Key


Because of a problem with the title work, the deadline was missed and the applicant was deemed non-compliant.  At their June 22, 2017 meeting, the Village Council voted 5-0 to give them an additional 5 months to get the final plat recorded.

In order to develop the property, nine Transferable Development Rights (TDRs) will be transferred from the old Malibu Motel on the ocean across the highway from Robbies (now the single family project - Tarpon Point).  That project had an excess of development units.  With the transferred rights and the right from the existing home on the Parmalee property, there will be no waiting in line for the right to build the 10 homes.

With the Residential Estate zoning in place and the plat approved and recorded there will be a legal right to construct:

10 homes
10 caretakers’ cottages up to 1500 sq ft deed restricted as affordable, and
10 guest cottages up to 500 sq ft with no kitchens   

As of June 2017, the property continues to be marketed with these development rights in place.

Rendering of how "Parmalee Island" may someday look! 

              The Parmalee Property

The “Parmalee Estate” at MM75 on Lower Matecumbe, just to the north of Port Antigua and behind Sapodilla Drive is a cherished plot of land on our island.  The property is about 40 acres and is currently owned by Alan and Suzy Sankpill, members of our association. 

Read about the family as well as the history and lay of the land in the article that appeared in our April 2010 newsletter:
Lower Matecumbe’s Hidden Jewel, by Mary Ann Sturken  (Click here)


Over a year ago, the Sankpills sadly made the decision to sell this treasure.  Last summer, a buyer came along who wanted to develop the property. 

On July 5, 2016 an application was submitted to the village for platting the land to include 10 lots along with 9 outparcels for accessory uses and structures.

Following several public hearings, on December 1, 2016 the Application for platting was unanimously approved by the Village Council.

The Final Plat and associated documents were ready to be recorded following some required reviews.  Based upon the date of final approval, the Final Plat was required to be recorded by April 17, 2017.