Special Places on Lower Matecumbe


Lower Matecumbe Key


The Parmalee Property: For several generations this magnificent 40 acre Lower Matecumbe Key property has been owned by the Sankpill family and has a single small ground level home sitting near the Bay.  But now the property has been sold.  Read about the property and the Sankpills here. (update re:sale available in the February 2018 newsletter)

Port Antigua History and more: See how times have changed the appearance of the south end of Lower Matecumbe (click here)

Robbie's Marina: Probably the most famous destination on Lower Matecumbe, Robbie's is located bayside as you drive onto the island from the north.  You cannot miss it - there are almost always dozens of cars parked along the access road with the abundant parking lots already full.  This is where visitors come to shop for art and souvenirs, take an eco tour or go out on a fishing boat.  But the real attraction is feeding the tarpon.... (click here)