Alligator Light Is Being Given Away

The Fill - 5/27/2017 article - What improvements are expected on the fill between Upper and Lower Matecumbe?

What's in a Name? - How did the name Islamorada come about?

Toll To Enter the Keys a Possibility? - 6/10/2017 Article

                                                     6/14/2017 Article

Change in Property Values - 6/7 article 

The Red Caboose - 5/17 article - Two historical groups competing for property

Vacation Rentals - 5/23 article - County cracking down on illegal rentals. Will Islamorada follow?

Lower Matecumbe as Example - 6/21 articlefloating homes and roadways!!!Sea Water Rising... with sketches of what our homes may someday look like!

Anne's Beach Improvements- boardwalk improvements approved in February 2017 expected to cost $600,000.  

March 2017- Key Largo Wastewater Treatment (Where Islamorada sewage goes)

April 1991 editorial - Anne's Beach (before it was even named that)

November 1989 editorial - LMKA Comprehensive Plan effort for our island 

April 12 Free Press: Possible change to Homestead deduction 


Lower Matecumbe Key


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