Lower Matecumbe Key


Until the bridges on U.S. One were rebuilt in the late 1970's there was a drawbridge at MM78. 

At the very bottom of this pre-1960 photo is where Robbie's is now located.  

Up from Robbie's in the photo is a building on the bayside of the highway elevated above the water. That was the Blueberry Hill Restaurant.

To the right in the photo is the water pipeline. 

The Fill as it used to be!

Blueberry Hill Restaurant at Indian Key Fill pre-1960

The remains of Blueberry Hill after Hurricane Donna destroyed it - 1960

Hurricane Donna struck the Keys as a Category 4 hurricane on September 10, 1960.  The photo above shows the damage to the bridge near Bud n Mary's and the old Papa Joe's Restaurant across the highway.  Not only was the bridge washed out, the water pipeline was damaged as well, leaving points south with no water.

Indian Key Fill - as they prepared it for the railroad in 1906.  The Upper Keys got train service the entire way to the south end of Marathon by 1908!